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case studies

A day in the life of Ramapost.

case study #1

Political Campaign

The Challenge:

Henry Sussman and his manager Bruce Simon approached us for marketing guidance for their political campaign for Trustee of Suffern, New York. Election day was soon approaching and they needed to get their message out to the citizens of Suffern. The competition was strong and Sussman needed to make his voice heard. 

The Solution:

The Ramapost team proposed a targeted mailing campaign to be delivered straight to the door of every Democratic Suffern citizen. Our designer created an eye-catching and clear postcard mailer with quick turnaround time, and our Data Analyst provided the list necessary to reach our target audience. The postcard was sent out at record time and we were rewarded with a very happy client. 

case study #2

Dinner Campaign

The Challenge:

Rabbi Dear of Ateres Bais Yaakov came to Ramapost with a rush job. Ateres Bais Yaakov of Monsey, New York had a dinner scheduled in 8 weeks and needed the artwork created and mailed out for various components such as letters from the honorees, reserve the date card, the invitation, reminder card, podium signs, and more.

The Solution:

With no time to loose, Ramapost quickly and professionally put everything together. We compiled the various mailing lists, designed the many pieces of artwork, and mailed out all the components at strategic times. The dinner was a huge success! 

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