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Marketing 2.0

Welcome to the New Age of marketing success.

It's 2020. The leader of the pack is the one that everyone recognizes, follows and likes. It may sound like high school all over again, but it is in fact the new age, and necessary approach to ultimate business success.

Web design

Your website is your virtual store front. Good marketing will invite browsers to visit. Good design will encourage them to stick around to learn all about who you are and what you have to offer. Your website is a platform for your potential consumers to immerse themselves in your world. The web is world-wide and your traffic can be unlimited. We will make sure they like what they see and their activity suits your needs.  Combining a strong aesthetic with smart functionality is our expertise. 

digital ad campaign

Gone are the days when your ad is printed and published in full color, high-gloss, and will remain on coffee tables all over town to be viewed and reviewed for weeks before it is discarded. When you have under 2 seconds to deliver a message you must be sure it's to just the right people, in the right place, at exactly the right time, and of course tracked and analyzed for optimization. We navigate the plethora of platforms for you and create a custom campaign strategy to suit your specific objectives. We will continue to monitor the progress of your campaign and use the data collected to make adjustments needed to guarantee we reach projected goals. 

email marketing

We will create the ideal email campaign for your business. Inboxes are waiting for you. Reach out directly! Deliver a message, share news, offer promotions, drive traffic to your website...and do it in an appropriate fashion, so it is read and obeyed. We will generate and maintain contact lists of relevant audiences. We implement tools that will encourage potential customers to remain interested in your product or service. We track results and audience activity throughout the campaign in order to optimize results and constantly grow. 

social media management

Follow, like, share, post, hashtag, tag, shoutout, feed, swipe, tap, double-tap... It's ok if it's over your head, because here at Ramapost our millennials will hold your proverbial hand as we work our modern-day magic. We work closely with you to create and share quality content and engage with relevant audience to pique the interest of the masses. With the rapid, world-wide reach of social media we can cultivate your very own fanbase that can't help but to become your enthusiastic consumers. Let your growth instantly spread like wildfire!  

content creation

Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. These are the three mandatory requirements to ensure you exist and you make an impression. The huge amounts of information we are constantly absorbing and the speed at which it happens will bury even the most ingenious and alluring posts. You need to offer a constant flow of fresh content to stay alive and the quality of said content needs to remain on point. This in itself is a full time job that you simply cannot handle on your own. Let us get into your head, embody your point of view, and transform your day-to-day activities into interesting articles, photos, videos, etc. to share with your followers and continue to tell your business story.

social media training

The world wants to insta-see you! You are doing amazing things, don't be shy and keep it to yourself! Sharing your business personality on social platforms is your ideal form of promotion. You may prefer to be more hands-on and manage your own social media. You may know nothing at all about it but see how well it works for others. You may already have started but are just not growing as fast as you'd like. Our one-on-one crash course will fill you in on all you need to know to become a pro! Understand the techniques and learn the etiquettes that will maximize the benefit of all that time spent. Managing and growing takes long term dedication. Gain the know-how in advance to start off ten steps ahead.   



We will create a custom marketing strategy based on your business objectives.

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