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Issue #12
Tishrei Edition
Tishrei, 5783
September, 2022

"The only way to know someone's true potential is to give them a chance."

Neshamale Magazine #10 - cover.jpg

Issue #10
Pesach Edition
Nissan, 5782
April, 2022

"Those who sow in sadness shall reap with joy."


"Every snowflakes is unique, yet they are each perfect"

Neshamale Magazine #11 - cover.jpg

Issue #11
Summer Edition
Tamuz, 5782
July, 2022

"Embrace the unique way your child is blooming - even if it's not in the garden you imagined."

27823.9 - neshalame_9.jpg

Issue #9
Chaunka Edition
Kiselv, 5781
December, 2021

"We light candles in testament
that faith makes miracles possible."

neshalame_8 web cover.jpg

Issue #8
Tishrei Edition
Tishrei, 5782
September, 2021

"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn."

30416 - neshalame_7 - cover.jpg

Issue #7
Summer Edition
Tamuz, 5781
June, 2021

"The wings of transformation are born of patience and struggle."


Issue #6

Pesach Edition

Nissan, 5781

March, 2021

"Let go, and Let G-d..."
neshalame5 (2)-1.jpg

Issue #5

Chanuka Edition

Kislev, 5781

December, 2020

"Don't just look at the stars. Be one."
Neshamale Magazine Tishrei Edition (#4)-

Issue #4

Rosh Hashana Edition

Tishrei, 5781

September, 2020

"Children with special needs aren't sent to special parents, they make parents special."

Neshalame Magazine #3-1.jpg

Issue #3

Summer Edition

Sivan, 5780

June, 2020

"You can't stop the waves,

but you can learn to surf."

neshalame_magazine_issue 2 colored_print

Issue #2

Pesach Edition

Nissan, 5780

April, 2020

"Don't go through life,

grow through life."

Neshamale Magazine Issue 1-1.jpg

Issue #1

Chanuka Edition

Kislev, 5780

December, 2019

"I thought I would have to teach my child about the world. Turns out I need to teach the world about my child."

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